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RVR took over the operations of the Kenya and Uganda Railways on 1st Nov, 2006 and established on Oct 14, 2005, when the Government of Kenya and the Government of Uganda jointly tendered through a bidding process, a 25 year concession The Concession Agreement is to provide freight service for 25 years, and passenger services, for 5 years. Under this Agreement, both the Kenya and Uganda governments still own the railway infrastructure and facilities while RVR operates trains and maintains the infrastructure.

Objectives of RVR:

  1. Improve the Management, Operation and Financial performance of the two railway networks in a coordinated manner
  2. Standardize infrastructure maintenance and operations.
  3. Increase market share for the railways in freight traffic by providing reliable service
  4. Foster regional economic integration and growth.
  5. Improve the competitiveness of the Northern Corridor and the port of Mombasa.