Brief History
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The division of student affairs through the Student Affairs Management Board provides support services to the students throughout the university. The division was established to create a nurturing student centered environment which is focused on helping students succeed, connect with the University community and prepare them for life after college.

The division coordinates departments and units responsible for security, academic and social counseling, career guidance, work study programmes, sports, accommodation, catering, health services, community services, linkages with the industry, oversight of students’ elections, orientation, and leadership training among other welfare services.

The division offers support services to the students guided by four key considerations as follows:

  • Continuously working to produce holistic graduates,
  • The need to  produce graduates who will be competitive in the market,
  • The environment to facilitate the development of values by the students’ and
  • The importance of managing students’ affairs effectively and efficiently.

Student Affairs Division provides student support services through the following units:-

  • Student Welfare Authority
  • Dean of students
  • Sports and Games
  • University Health Services