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Fri, 2017-04-21 15:28

The University of Nairobi held a skills hunt summit today 20th April 2017. The summit dubbed ‘unearthed jewels ‘targeted students with an aim of equipping them with soft and leadership skills needed in the job market today.

Speaking at the event, the Vice Chancellor Pro. Peter Mbithi noted that the event and the agenda of the summit fit within the strategies of the vision of the university; producing wholistic graduates that fit the global market. He urged the alumni and industry partners to develop internships so that they can couch the students on soft and leadership skills. The VC also noted that the market is changing very fast therefore there is a gap between what students get in the class and what is in the job market. It is through integration and partnerships that this gap can be bridged. He urged the students to take part in this important seminar as it is an eye opener to get them empowered and to mold their skills and character

Unearthed jewels skills hunt summit involves students taking part in Dr.Ogutu’s challenge called ‘Skilled & Unbounded’. This is a 3 part challenge that enables students to rediscover themselves and what talents they have and how to turn these talents into skills.  In the challenge, Dr. Ogutu notes that the job market is changing whereby we will have 'jobs of the future'-this means that companies will not advertise for jobs; you as the job seeker are the one to advertise yourself and invite applications. Dr. Ogutu also notes that companies want the most talented and skilled people and job seekers need to know how to write a skilled based CV.

The challenge

  • Provide 3 job advertisements; this can be gotten from newspapers, internet etc.
  • 2 jobs, similar placement, but different companies i.e. apply for a similar job but in 2 different companies
  • An advert for a different kind of job that requires a different skill set.
  • Finally for each of the advert the students will be required to send the best CV.

The winner of this challenge will receive a special award from Dr.Ogutu during the culmination of a 3 day skills hunt mega event. The mega event will be held in November 2017 and over 5000 students from different universities and over 250 companies will be in attendance.

The skills hunt summit was held at the UON Towers and was supported by Britam, Uchumi, Centum, BOSCH, and African Biotechnology Engineering Consortium among others.


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